Fear Hypnosis

fearful face

Fear hypnosis is a state of being hypnotized into fear. It is only because we end up hypnotized into all kinds of things on the stage of life, much like people get hypnotized on the stage of entertainment, we suffer.

My hypnosis for fear dissolution deals with fear hypnosis in several ways.

A hypnotic day-dream method:

Your state of fear hypnosis can be undone by experiencing whatever you fear in a state of day-dream reality. When you enter such a state, you can enter into a difficult situation with a relative degree of ease. You enter into it only in your imagination, and knowing it gives you a sense of security. Repeated exposure to a difficult situation in such a protected way has a tendency to dissolve psychic negativity. You can then enter the actual real life situation, which used to be under control of fear hypnosis, in a comfortable state of awareness.

Energy Healing:

This is the simplest and most elegant way of elimination of fear hypnosis. I can simply pass repeatedly my hand through the energy field of your body and pull out of it the troubling you negative psychic energy vibe. For more information of how it works, please refer to the Energy Healing and Hypno-Energetic Method sections of this website.

Entering the actual real-life situation:

I have used this method many times. It simple and effective, however it can be time consuming. I've have taken people into highly uncomfortable to them environments and helped them to attain an ease of psychological functioning.

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