Walter Orlowski working

Energy Healing combined with
no-trance hypnosis

A powerful
Hypno-Energetic Method 

Healing of your anxious, depressed, stressed and angry mind. Healing of drinking, gambling, smoking and overeating

Energy Healing combined with hypno-effective verbal suggestions, which do not require the usage of trance, entered my hypnosis practice several years ago. I named it Hypno-Energetic method.

Several years ago, while helping people with alcoholism, I discovered that using Energy Healing alone - by simply passing my hand through the energy field of a person - I was able to help people recover from severe cases of alcoholism.

Very soon it became obvious that in the same way I was able to help people suffering from stress, fears, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, anger, smoking, gambling and overeating addiction.

My Energy Healing work began shortly after I discovered that I was able to produce in my body powerful, magnetic-like energetic phenomena.

Magnetic man

The 10lb plate,
as if glued to my shoulder,
but there is no glue...

What I present above is a result of a special concentration of my mind. This form of concentration produces energy, which I use for my Energy Healing work.

When I work with the stuck, negative psychic energies of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, alcoholic and other addictions, the negative energy of these conditions does very often enter my hand, as if I were pulling these energies out of the energy field of a suffering person.

After the sessions, my clients frequently tell me: "I feel as if you've pulled something out of me".

They are simply confirming what I feel in my own hand and forearm up to my elbow joint.

On some occasions, the absorption of the psychic negativity into my hand and forearm causes a significant level of discomfort. However, I've never experienced difficulty unloading these energies after the sessions.

One of the great benefits of my Hypno-Energetic Method is that it utilizes hypnosis without the trance.

The fear of the hypnotic trance, which stops so many people from using hypnosis for healing and personal change is removed.

Here is a sample case, which beautifully illustrates how my Hypno-Energetic Method works.

Jacob (aged 12) was brought to me by his mother due to his stuttering problem. After the initial interview, I worked with him on the energy level, using a moderate amount of hypno-effective suggestions, without using the so-called hypnotic trance.

While passing my hand above his body, I felt the negative energy entering my hand and forearm up to the elbow joint.

After about 15 minutes I had to stop, due to the level of discomfort felt in my limb.

We've had one more working session and I felt that it was enough. Indeed, Jacob's stuttering went away.

Here is what he said after the first working session:


"I felt very light, my feeling of tiredness disappeared. I understood many things and the presentations in front of my class were not stressful anymore."

A few weeks later, Jacob's mother called me and said: "Today, Jacob had a big presentation in front of his class. His speech was perfect".

My energy work has also been effective with localized cases of arthritic and other kinds of inflammation.

I am able to remove the inflammatory energy of arthritis from an affected joint and neutralize other kinds of inflammatory energies throughout the body.

Performing the energetic detox of the body is still relatively new to me. If you are interested to explore what I could do for you in this area, our sessions will be booked under a special arrangement. Please call for the details.

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