Eckhart Tolle Hypnosis
The Second Coming...

Eckhart Tolle's Second Coming
Eckhart Tolle's Second Coming

Holy Shit!
Much like Jesus
Eckhart Tolle wants to enter your life...

Make room for Him in your home. He wants to enter your life!

What you see above is a screen shot of the email which has just arrived into my box.

It arrived as an image and the easiest way for me to present it to you - and join the effort to promote Eckhart Tolle's "Second Coming" - was to take a picture.

I would like to draw your attention to the peculiar wording of the above presented message.

"...Develop a deeper connection with Eckhart and his teachings..."

"Create a space within your home to bring Eckhart into your life"

When I saw this, my first thought was - Holy shit! He's really going for the crown.

He's really gone round the bend - poor fellow.

It's NOW about HIM!

His gospel of The Power of Now, is NOW turning the spot light on His Holiness Eckhart Tolle himself.

Eckhart begins sending quasi religious, hypnotic messages!

Well... I'm more than willing to promote His greatness.

What else could ever motivate me to share with you His message?

It takes time to reflect upon a received email and even more time to share it APPROPRIATELY with others.

Would I be wasting my precious NOW on such an activity without being utterly convinced about the value of the offer?

Take your chance and bring Him into your life before He hangs on the cross - for most likely there will be no resurrection.

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