Eckhart Tolle Hypnosis
The ultimate brain scrambling exercise

From all of the Eckartian “spiritual teaching” material - which I have been exposed to - the following stuff is the most bewildering.

Towards the end of his Findhorn Retreat, Eckhart Tolle says: 

Part of the following content is paraphrased for the better clarity.

What you think is your thoughts and emotions is NOT your personal thoughts and emotions. They are the thoughts and emotions of the collective human mind…

… And people think ‘that’s me’ ha, ha, ha … But it’s all impersonal and it is only because you identify with it, you get an illusion of it being personal - an illusion of a person being there …

… So, really you don’t do any kind of thinking - you are THOUGHT by the collective human mind…

Ultimately NOTHING is personal! Neither your ego-bound consciousness which identifies with form, nor the liberated consciousness of an enlightened person.

You play the roles that are personal as long as you identify with the mind and emotions. You play the script of your mind / the conditioning of your mind, until you’ve had enough. Enough of the suffering that it entails…

As Eckhart Tolle says these things you can see the bewildered look developing on the faces of his disciples. They seem to be totally lost amidst the onslaught of the nothing-is-personal Eckhartian hypnosis.

They are lost because Tolle tells them that there is no Eckhart Tolle teaching them anything, just as there is no them who are being taught. There is only ONE LIFE which manifests as both, Tolle and them, and plays with itself as it assumes these human play-forms.

Taking this further into other areas of the human drama one must confront the realities which are rather difficult to confront.

For example: What Tolle says means that there is nothing really “wrong” with the play of ONE LIFE as it expresses itself in the plays like the Holocaust “play”

There is nothing wrong with it because the Germans running the concentration camps and the Jews processed by the gas chambers are not persons at all.

The Holocaust is impersonal, and as such does not involve personal suffering of any kind. And if there is no personal suffering, if this is just a play of ONE LIFE which manifests itself as the Germans and the Jews in order to have some “fun” on the stage of the impersonal human life, then all is fine and dandy. 

All is fine because if there is no person who suffers, then personal suffering is just an illusion, a complaint uttered by the underdeveloped / unenlightened consciousness which Eckhart Tolle wants to erase from the world.


There is no way for me to know what you think about the material presented above, but as far as I am concerned there are at least a few glitches in the Eckhartian non-personal reality which he preaches all over the world.

I am going to list these glitches in order from the least to the most important.

The first glitch is that the ONE LIFE manifested as Eckhart Tolle makes a lot of money from its “teachings”, and the ONE LIFE manifested as you ends up as a sucker.

And even though this state of affairs should never bother you because - as Tolle says - there is no you that could ever be bothered by anything, I’m sure that at least some of Tolle’s disciples may not really like what the ONE LIFE does - that it transfers the funds from a multitude of its manifestations to only one, that it for some reason favours one of its manifestations over so many others. 

The second glitch in the Eckhartian matrix is that no matter how strong is Tolle’s nothing-is-personal-hypnosis, you still have the overwhelming sense of your personal existence. In fact, this sense is so strong that you cannot even imagine yourself to be nonexistent.

No matter what Tolle says, you still KNOW that you exist, and because the non-personal reality is the foundation of Tolle’s teachings, it is rather obvious that he cannot teach you anything. 

Toole cannot teach you anything because as you reject the core of his teachings you - by implication - you also reject everything else. It is obvious that ultimately, Eckhart Tolle hypnosis fails to hypnotize you into your personal nonexistence.

You could listen to his hypnotic suggestions attempting to push you into the trance of the non-personal reality, and yet, in the end, you will still have the sense of your personal existence in distinction from everybody else’s existence. 

And that’s a big problem indeed. That’s the problem of all Eckhart’s hypnotic subjects (students) who are forever unable to realize the foundation of their master’s teaching, and consequently must find all that Tolle tries to build upon that foundation to be nothing but rubbish. 

To all of the poor souls who fell under the spell of Eckhart Tolle hypnosis I will say this: If the core of the teaching can never be realized, why bother with the rest of the stuff? 

If the very foundation of the teaching can never be realized the whole exercise becomes useless, leading nowhere. It just moves cash from one pocket to another.

The third glitch in the Eckhartian matrix is the language which Tolle uses to convey his message.  

The problem with the Eckhartian language is this: When you tell people that they don’t exist as persons, and at the same time keep on referring to them as “you”, you are seriously screwing up their minds. 

In the impersonal reality there is no such thing as “you” and “me”. Consequently, if you really want to preach the impersonal reality of the human existence, you absolutely must develop a language which harmonizes with that reality.  

The careless usage of language is the curse of the Eckhart Tolle hypnosis. Tolle’s unawareness of what he actually does - as he attempts to hypnotize his followers into the trance of the impersonal reality - is a proof of his immense ignorance in the area of the effective communications. 

Eckhartian language maintains the illusion which Tolle tries to dissolve. On one hand he tells you that there is no such thing as you, and as he says this he keeps on addressing you as you. 

Can’t he see that? He tries to depersonalize you and on the other hand through the ongoing usage of the conventional language he keeps on hypnotizing you into the hypnosis of your personality.

It is so easy to keep the harmony between the Tolle’s message and the language in which this message is delivered by replacing the word “you” with the phrase “ONE LIFE which manifests as you”.

It is so easy to do this, but in spite of it, Eckhart Tolle keeps on using his terribly inconsistent / schizophrenic language. 

To me - the hypnotist - Tolle’s ignorance in the area of the effective communications is mind boggling.

There is no way you can tell people that they don’t exist and on the other hand use the language which maintains the reality of their personal existence without creating in their minds something akin to schizophrenia.

There are many brain-scrambling artists in the realm of the so-called spiritual teaching. Eckart Tolle is one of the “best” and  deserves the title of the grand master!

As Eckhart Tolle "teaches", the schizo-effect of his message scrambles his follower's brains to an ever greater degree

Tolle openly admits that he is totally innocent of his own personal transformation. He admits that he did nothing / could do nothing to transform himself. His transformation of consciousness just HAPPENED to him and propelled him into a new life of fame, wealth and influence.

In PARTIAL harmony with his report on the nature of his transformation Eckhart Tolle teaches that:

“As far as inner transformation is concerned, there is nothing you can do about it. You cannot transform yourself, and you certainly cannot transform your partner or anybody else. All you can do is create a space for transformation to happen, for grace and love to enter.”

As I've said it above, Tolle's consistency between the story of his transformation and the message about the nature of the human change is only PARTIAL because right after saying that you can do NOTHING to transform yourself, he says that you CAN create the conditions that foster your transformation.

So on one hand you can do something, and not the other you can't.

Considering Tolle's foundational message - THERE IS NOTHING PERSONAL out there, there is no YOU who does anything - HOW all of a sudden "YOU" can create a space for grace and love to enter?

Has Tolle created in his life a space for grace and love to enter?

The fact is that he has never done it, just as he has never been able to transform his consciousness by his own personal efforts.

He tells you that you CAN do something, which he has never been able to do himself.

What does this state of affairs do to Eckhart Tolle's credibility as the so-called spiritual teacher?

In my humble opinion - it makes him into a confused border-line-schizophrenic, who attempts to clone himself by persistently scrambling the brains of his followers.

How is it that Tolle's followers cannot see that?

Well - since as their teacher teaches, they don't really exist - it is NOT them who cannot see their teacher's schizophrenic nature. It is only ONE LIFE that went temporarily blind and stupid in this one small pocket of its universal existence.

Diving still deeper into the schizophrenic reality of the Eckhartian brain-scrambling message

Eckhart Tolle hypnosis attempts to appeal to all those who happened to fall under its spell by offering them messages like:

"You attract and manifest whatever corresponds to your inner state."

The above message sounds very promising to the people who attept to flex their mental muscles in order to MANIFEST the so-called ABUNDANCE in their lives.

It motivates them to work on their inner state in order to bring it into harmony with their desires, and that obviously means faithfully following their master and transferring their cash from their pockets to his.

What these people are missing is the fact that Tolle also tells them - as it has been shown above - that there is absolutely NOTHING they can do to change their inner state by their own efforts.

Another thing they are missing is that Tolle's transformation - assuming that it actually happened, as he describes it himself in The Power of Now - emerged from the midst of his state of suicidal depression.

And isn't it that - according to the message that you manifest whatever corresponds to your inner state - you could manifest ONLY more depression and possibly a suicide too, out of the state of suicidal depression?

This obviously should be the rule of the game according to the Tolle's message. And yet, in some totally incongruent with his message way, Toole gets catapulted into a state of bliss out his state of suicidal depression

Can you see how the whole thing doesn't "hold any water"?

Can you see how Eckhart Tolle hypnosis - upon a closer examination - turns into a bunch of nonsense?

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