Hypocritical Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle’s book entitled The Power of Now is made of questions and answers.

As Tolle taught his Gospel of Now, people asked him many questions.

His answers to some of those questions form the body of The Power of Now.

The pinnacle of the Eckhartian B.S., comes into the full unobstructed view, when Eckhart Tolle answers the question:

”How can we drop negativity, as you suggest?”

To which he responds:

“By dropping it”

By giving this answer to the question posed, Eckhart Tolle made himself not only a hypocrite, but also a laughingstock.

He made himself a hypocrite because, he, himself was never able to drop his own negativity.

In the opening pages of his Power of Now, Tolle describes the process of his own liberation, and makes it no secret that, it came about, via an act of Grace, and not his own conscious effort.

He has never dropped his anxiety and depression!

It was through the act of Divine Mercy that Tolle arrived at his liberation.

Eckhart Tolle, like so many other New Age gurus, dares to attempt to sell you a solution to your troubles, which he has never been able to apply to himself!

I don’t know how a supposedly intelligent man could say one thing in his book, just to contradict it with another statement.

The whole thing just doesn’t make any sense!

Through his answer to the question posed, Eckhart Tolle made himself into a laughingstock because, as every psychologist knows - you just CAN’T drop at will, your subconscious conditionings simply because, you want to.

It is INSANITY to say to a grief stricken person, who lost his or her loved one, to just drop that grief.

It is INSANITY to advice a sufferer of a subconsciously rooted lack of confidence, to just drop it, and become confident.

I could go here ad infinitum, multiplying statements similar to the above.

In closing of this short page, which exposes the most monumental of all Eckhart Tolle's lies, about the nature of our human psychological reality, I want to say that, there are many things in The Power of Now, which are true to fact.

Unfortunately, however, their truth is totally obscured by the POWER of Tolle’s B.S., which at least in my eyes, disqualifies him as a reliable source of any sort of guidance.

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