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“Why Not To Awaken Now?”
Eckhartian Insanity

This is my second article about Eckhart Tolle’s Stillness Amidst The World - Findhorn Retreat DVD-presentation.

My first article about Tolle’s Findhorn Retreat presentation was devoted to the Anxiety of Impermanence Hypnosis, which I transiently experienced, as a result of my repeated watching his Findhorn Retreat DVDs.

You can find it, in the Eckhart Tolle Hypnosis section of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website.

This page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, is also about Tolle’s Stillness Amidst The World presentation.

It addresses another aspect of Findhorn Retreat - namely, Tolle's hypnotic, derogatory remarks about the necessity of spiritual practice.

Eckhart Tolle, obsessed with his idea of “NOW” - went really fruity, when he started denouncing the necessity of taking time in order to “awaken”, via the rigors of spiritual practice.

Amidst his little diabolical laughter, Tolle’s hypnotic remarks, regarding all kinds of spiritual practice, went on more-or-less like that:

So, you think you need time to practice? (ha, ha, ha...)

Well, all those who practice, apparently need more time...

But why would you need time to practice (ha, ha, ha...)

Why not to awaken NOW?

When Tolle tries to hypnotize his audiences into, “why not to awaken NOW” reality - he makes a joke out of himself, precisely because, he has never accomplished “awakening NOW” in his life.

He’s pushing on his audiences, what he has never experienced, and demanding that they utilize the psychic ability, which has never been in his own possession.

Eckhart Tolle has come to his supposed awakening neither through spiritual practice, nor via some kind of will-powered decision to “awaken NOW”.

Suicidal, depression and anxiety ridden Eckhart Tolle, was awakened by the spontaneous act of Grace, which he describes in the opening pages of his Power of Now.

His awakening was instantaneous.

It took hours, for the Divine Providence to shift suicidally depressed Eckhart Tolle, into a state of bliss.

The most central fact of Tolle’s transformation was the fact that, he was totally innocent of it.

He doesn’t hide that fact.

Tolle openly admits that he did nothing to awaken.

He even goes further, and says that, there was NOTHING that he could do by his own power to awaken.

In spite of his own personal IMPOTENCE to change his suicidally depressed state of consciousness, he dares to go in front of audiences and admonish others to “awaken NOW”.

He plainly says to the the mostly bewildered people that, their spiritual practice is not necessary.

He tells them that, they are stuck in their practice, because of their lack of awareness of the fact that, they could awaken NOW - simply by making the decision to awaken.

This Eckhartian “why not to awaken NOW” comedy, has been played by Tolle, on various stages, amidst the confusion and disbelief of his audiences, and what is most amazing is the fact that, the people just sit there, and passively surrender to the Eckhartian “why not to awaken NOW” nonsense.

To see the hypnotized passivity of Tolle’s audiences, absorbing his insane, spiritually perverted, hypnotic suggestions, demanding that they “awaken NOW” is a par excellence example of the power of Eckhart Tolle hypnosis.

It is strange that Tolle, who heavily draws on the millennia of Buddhist spiritual insight and practice, would publicly ridicule the necessity of practice.

To say to the people that they can awaken NOW, is like telling a crawling infant to get up NOW, and start running a marathon.

A rather insane thing indeed.

Eckhart Tolle, who speaks of various faces of the common human insanity, seems to participate in it, in his own unique - I must admit - spiritually twisted way.

The following sentence is the last sentence of this little article of mine, simply because I decided to stop writing NOW!

If some other impressions, related to what I’ve presented above, happen to enter my awareness, I will continue this little article of mine..

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