Eckhart Tolle Hypnosis

How Eckhart Tolle uses the tool of his own stories, and at the same time condemns the stories which make what the people are on their earthly story-level-of-life

The above image shows the recent Present Moment Reminder which was emailed to me from the Eckhart-Tolle-Organization.

After I read the message: “When you are present in this moment, you break the continuity of your story, of past and future. Then true intelligence arises and also love”, I realized that this piece of Eckhart Tolle Hypnosis stands in a total contradiction to what enabled him to establish himself in the public eye.

I saw that Tolle - who would like to hypnotize you into killing of all the stories of your life, and become a non-story-bound entity - has always used his own stories to build and to sustain his Empire of The Present Moment.

How double-faced, how hypocritical this is!

He keeps on telling you to drop your story, but it is ONLY via the medium of his own STORY that he was able to become worldwide known and unfortunately widely revered.

It is the hypnotic LIFE STORY of Eckhart Tolle that created the same Tolle who spits NOW on his own story, and says in his product entitled The Power of Now, that he has no use for the past.

Is he blind?

Has he lost touch with the reality of his own life?

Can’t he see that it is precisely his past that made him into what he is in his present NOW?

Can’t he see that it is NOTHING BUT his own life-story that serves as the foundation of his worldwide hypnotic enterprise?

Can’t he see that there would be no Eckhart Tolle, as the world knows him NOW, without the STORY of his life - the story which Oprah helped him to dish out to the millions of highly hypnotizable, desperate for help people?

Can’t he see that it is precisely his STORY that has hypnotized millions of the desperate for some STORY-HELP people, into hanging onto his story and seeking in it their own liberation?

Isn’t it plain that without his STORY there would be no Great Eckhart Tolle and nothing to tell to the STORY-HUNGRY world?

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