Eckhart Tolle
a Merchant of Spiritual Deception


An article about Tolle’s
fast spiritual food and instant enlightenment

Fast and easy enlightenment on sale!
Instant awakening NOW!
Step into Christ Consciousness today!

All of the exclamatory slogans above, cold be used by Eckhart Tolle to promote most of his appearances.

They could be used by Tolle simply because, they reflect the core of his spiritually perverted message.

He tells people all over the world that, if they only wanted to, they could awaken NOW.

No arduous spiritual training necessary!
No evolution of consciousness needed!
Why would you waste your time on a spiritual practice?

I just couldn’t help creating a few more slogans, which fit perfectly Eckhart Tolle’s hypnotic, AWAKEN NOW racket.

As Tolle - a modern prophet of INSTANT BLISS - keeps on hypnotizing his audiences into a delusion of instant spirituality, his audiences sit spell-bound, trying to believe, what sooner or later - after Tolle’s hypnotic spell wears off - is finally visible for what it actually is - an utter nonsense.

It is an utter, abysmal nonsense and nothing but a delusion, to believe that, evolution of consciousness is something anyone can bypass at will.

By necessity, Tolle’s gospel of INSTANT SALVATION, can only create spiritual casualties, amongst all those who believe that, they can become instant Buddhas or Christs.

Eckhart Tolle, somehow, believes that, he can step over the giants of spirituality and freely negate their sacred teachings, with his forked, blasphemous tongue.

Tolle’s devilish trick lies in the fact that, he hypnotizes his audiences into a state of craving for spiritual awakening, and a concurrent mental liberation, without providing the necessary steps for such a mountainous attainment.

By telling people that, they can have their liberation NOW, and at the same time, failing to make it a reality - Tolle keeps his followers stuck between heaven and earth, while they keep on trying to fulfill their impossible dream.

In this way he keeps them stuck in their own private hells - forever trying, and forever failing to become, what they can never become, without first entering a narrow and difficult path, which after many trials, could finally lead them to their spiritual liberation.

It was Jesus who said:

“Enter through the narrow gate.

For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

The above quoted verse is an antithesis of Tolle’s gospel of instant salvation.

Eckhart Tolle’s worldwide hypnosis racket, peddling his gospel of instant awakening, without any spiritual practice, is a result of Tolle’s being hypnotized himself, by a shadowy text named Course in Miracles.

It is from the Course in Miracles that, Tolle got his idea of instant enlightenment.

The Course in Miracles - supposedly spoken by the voice of Jesus - tells the reader that, he or she does not have to spend time, in order to attain “salvation”.

It promotes - just as Eckhart Tolle does - a delusion of instant attainment of Christ Consciousness.

Tolle openly teaches from the Course in Miracles text, widely displaying how enamored he is with its perverted message.

I’ve read the whole text of the Course in Miracles and my assessment of it is that, it is a text, which contains many undeniable truths, which make you respond to it: yes, yes, yes, as you keep on reading.

By evoking all these yeses in you, the text of the Course in Miracles hypnotizes you into saying yes, also, to what upon a closer examination is a lie - a powerful hypnotic illusion.

The Course in Miracles is written in a language that can totally twist your mind, and I am sure many of those who attempted a serious study of its hundreds of pages, ended up in a psychiatric care.

The lady who channeled the text - shortly after its publication - died amidst profound mental torment.

Another fact is that, in spite of the Course in Miracles being in circulation for several decades, somehow, the world has not yet seen a Course in Miracles student, who has became a miracle worker.

I can’t believe how many people ended up hypnotized by Eckhart Tolle’s nonsensical message of instant awakening.

To believe what Eckhart Tolle keeps on dishing out, is like believing that you could ever win an Olympic medal, without first developing your mind and your muscles.

To me personally, Eckhart Tolle’s hypnotic racket of instant salvation, is one of the greatest contemporary delusions, openly peddled to the vulnerable and the naive.

It rivals only the common, popular delusion transiently evoked in hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, by the book entitled the Secret.

There are very interesting similarities between Eckhart Tolle and Rhonda Byrne - the author of The Secret, but this is a different subject, about which I will most likely - sooner or latter - say a few words too.

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