How Eckhart Tolle
Formlessness-Oriented Hypnosis
Can Dissolve Your Sane Mind

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Eckhart Tolle’s efforts to save humanity from drowning in the ocean of thought forms, and shift human consciousness towards the formless, are quite dangerous to all those, who have never really gotten their thought forms firmly established.

Only the people who have already established their mental structures, firmly enough, to succeed in this world of form, can afford to take a dive into the Formless, and cultivate their periodical diving into the Divine Cloud of Unknowing, without seriously injuring themselves in terms of their ability to function in the world of form.

Tolle’s hypnotic writings and lectures are delivered to the audiences, which for the most part, are not ready to digest the spiritual offering, which the highly hypnotic Eckhart Tolle dishes out.

A lot of people got hooked on the hypnotic messages of Eckhart Tolle, before they were ready to benefit from his worldwide formlessness-oriented hypnosis.

These people are like infants, who still need the milk of form, and yet, in spite of their immaturity, try to bypass the necessary stage of solid form creation, and prematurely attempt to indulge into the realm of the Formless.

One of the most beautiful spiritual texts, ever composed, about the benefits of entering the Formless, is the Cloud of Unknowing.

The Cloud of Unknowing attempts to teach the initiate, how to exit the world of form, and enter the Divine realm of The Formless.

There is nothing wrong with practicing what the Cloud of Unknowing offers, however, just like any other practice, the practice of dwelling in NOTHINGNESS, can be safely performed only by those, who are ready for such an undertaking.

If you - just because the hypnotic Eckhart Tolle was able to seduce you into the magic of the Formless - started following his teachings, with a mind not yet firmly established in your own PILLARS of TRUTH, watch out, because you may end up on a psychiatric ward filled with the minds, which lost their ability to follow a solid guidance of form.

Following Tolle's formlessness hypnosis - in case, your mind is in a state of mushed potato - can only mush it even more, not a very pretty picture at all.

If you feel lost, shaky in your convictions and generally not ready to take the world on, Eckhart Tolle formlessness hypnosis can “help” you get lost even more.

The world in which you live is the world of form.

You can succeed in it only by following the solidity of your own mental forms.

This means that, you must first establish and then maintain your own PILLARS of TRUTH.

Psychiatric hospitals are filled with the people, whose minds lost the ability to generate sane and solid thought forms.

The dangers of flirting with the Formless are not very obvious, until they become serious mental disabilities.

Only when your psychic solidity is already firmly established, can you afford to dance with the Formless.

Children are first taken to a Sunday School, and only when they have already built in themselves the necessary foundation, they are introduced to the Mystery of God.

Tolle's hypnosis attempts to deal with the human issues in an up-side-down fashion.

It attempts to have you run a marathon, before you have learned how to walk.

My warning to you is that, by following Tolle’s teachings, you can end up with a dissolution of your mind - a serious psychiatric condition of inability to maintain your thought forms, which are absolutely necessary for your sane, and successful functioning in the world.

My warning to you is that, by following Eckhart Tolle formlessness hypnosis, you may end up on a bench, in some park, permanently, and not “just” for a couple of years, as Tolle did.

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