Depression Hypnosis

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Depression hypnosis is a state of mind which results from being hypnotized into a depressive mode of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Most of us are familiar with the phenomenon of stage hypnosis.

During a stage hypnosis show a hypnotist hypnotizes his volunteers into all kinds of mostly funny behaviors.

On the stage of life we don’t really volunteer to be hypnotized into any kind of negativity and yet it happens all the time.

Depression hypnosis is a form of life hypnosis, which arises when we are exposed to the powerful depression engendering suggestions, or depressing us unavoidable events of life.

Most people end up in a state of depression creating hypnosis as a result of what I call negative womb hypnosis.

These are the people whose mothers did contemplate an abortion.

As a fetus in your mother’s womb, you were able to pick up all of her emotions, and if she had thought about aborting you, you’ve picked up that emotion too.

If your mother’s abortive thinking translated itself into a depression form of hypnosis - you’ve most likely experienced a tremendous amount of self-sabotage in your life.

You’ve been simply hypnotized into a need to die, and instead of killing yourself, you’ve proceeded to kill everything that you’ve ever worked on in your life.

Depression form of hypnosis resulting from the negative womb hypnosis can actually lead to a suicide.

If you were abandoned by your parents, you’ve been also hypnotized into a pattern of depression hypnosis.

The abandonment hypnosis constantly repeats its “you are not good enough” mantra in your mind.

Some people never get over this negative form of mind conditioning and live all their lives in a state of self-depreciation.

If you were repeatedly dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ve also developed a state of depression hypnosis, which has disabled your ability to trust even those relationships that have a really great potential.

I don’t watch the news. What the media present, used to evoke in me a state of depression hypnosis.

Over the years I’ve learned to be very selective in terms of what I allow to enter into my mind.

Would you willingly drink a poison, which had the potential of wrecking your physical body?

Of course, you wouldn’t, and yet millions of people do this to their minds daily, by ingesting a steady diet of terribly negative news.

There are events in life, from which we can distance ourselves and thus avoid their negative hypnotic influence.

There are also those, against which we can’t really defend ourselves. We can’t defend against their negative hypnosis, because we are either too young to know that we could actually reject their negativity, or simply because we are not trained as adults to deal with what arises in our own minds.

There is no escape from depression hypnosis in life. It happens to everyone to a greater or lesser degree.

The fact is that, just as it is possible to be de-hypnotized from some forms of mental negativity, it is almost impossible to be de-hypnotized from the most severe forms of depression hypnosis.

The most severe forms of depression engendering hypnosis give in only to the power of the Spiritual Healing.

What I’ve just said above is based on my own experience. I used to suffer terribly from my negative womb hypnosis.

I used to self-sabotage all my constructive efforts to such a high degree that I ended up in a state of clinical, suicidal depression.

Even though I was already an experienced hypnotic operator at the time when the depression descended upon me - all my hypnotic knowledge and ability proved totally useless in terms of extracting myself from my depression creating hypnosis.

What helped me was a powerful Spiritual Healing event - which not only enabled me to move on in my life, but also has altered for ever the quality of that movement.

As I’ve already mentioned above, there is no escape form some form of depression creating hypnosis in your life.

As much as you could not avoid the influence of various forms of negativity, you CAN overcome even the darkest states of depression hypnosis.

You can overcome them not necessarily through the process of de-hypnotizing yourself from their influence - through the usage of clinical hypnosis - but through a form of Spiritual Healing, which is in alignment with your life-orientation.

I am very familiar with the phenomenon of the depression hypnosis. I am also familiar with the process of liberation.

Most of my familiarity with it, comes not from reading about it, but from being there and getting out of there.

May my liberation be an inspiration to you and enable you to look forward to your own freedom.

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