Rising Above The Clouds of Anxiety


Rising above the clouds of anxiety is a very real possibility. Let’s explore how it can happen in your own life.

Why are you anxious? Why is anybody anxious?

The answer to these questions is very simple.

Anxiety arises because of our human, low tolerance of uncertainty.

It arises because we are equipped with vivid imagination, which has the tendency to take us far beyond the immediate “now” of our life’s situations.

Anxiety arises because we project ourselves into the unknown future and begin to worry about it.

Your dog cannot be anxious about tomorrow. He can be only afraid of something now.

His inferiority in terms of his lack of imagination renders him superior to you, in terms of handling the business of life.

Yes, I have to admit that, sometimes I do envy the dogs of my neighbor. They lead such an amazing, care free life.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t really want to become a dog.

My human consciousness is absolutely amazing in its potential and ability. My anxiety is the price I do pay for it.

I have to pay it, as long as my consciousness remains at the level below the anxiety clouds.

If I work on it, in time, my consciousness may evolve to the level above the clouds of anxiety, and all I will experience thereafter, will be the eternal blessing of the warmth of the sun.

Is this a real possibility, or am I just kidding myself here?

When I think about Jesus, and his sweating of blood - I realize that such profound psychosomatic reaction could only arise as a result of a profound inner torment.

Jesus himself, with his Christ Consciousness seemed to experience profound anxiety.

And if he really did experience it, could I ever hope to rise above it?

More reasonable goal - appears to be - to be able to remain above the clouds of anxiety, most of the time.

I don’t think I would be able to not experience worry, anxiety, perhaps even panic, if my daughter had disappeared for a couple of days.

I am sure that, such an event would place me into a state of a profound psychic torment.

Considering this - I don’t want to aim to high. To high for my humanity that is.

I am reminded here, not only of Jesus‘ inner torment in the Gethsemane Garden, but also of his tears upon finding his friend Lazarus dead.

His divinity exhibited a great deal of humanity. I don’t believe anyone should aim to rise above that.

Rising above that, would be synonymous with some forms of degeneration of personality.

It would be synonymous with becoming psychopathically callous. Not a very pretty picture at all.

On the other hand, what I’ve written above about rising above the clouds of anxiety, and dwelling there most of the time, is not only a very real, but also a very desirable possibility.

Attaining the reality of spending most of your time above the clouds of anxiety, means working on the process of evolution of your consciousness.

I do believe that - since everything begins and ends in your consciousness - there is no higher and most important goal that you could ever aim at, than evolving your consciousness to as high a level, as it is for you humanly possible here on earth.

It is through the process of evolution of your consciousness, and only through the process of the evolution of your consciousness that, you can ever hope to attain any real degree of freedom from your egoic-mind’s afflictions.

Any other way of dealing not only with anxiety but also with all other psychic afflictions, is but an illusion of liberation.

The Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website is devoted to Hypnosis, Energy Healing and Spiritual Healing. All of these levels of healing are valid and have their place in our human reality.

All of them can serve you, in terms of helping you evolve your consciousness to a higher level of functioning.

By nature, and my innate ability, I use all of these modalities to assist human consciousness to keep on evolving.

I do consider the evolution of my own consciousness to be the primary task of my life, and use the same measure during the process of helping others.

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