Learn hypnosis and make a living from your hypnosis practice

Yes, I have done it!

And because I have done it, you can trust me as I teach you how you can learn hypnosis and profit from it too.

I've learned hypnosis and been profiting from it for almost 30 years now.

You can check my references and my testimonials - they are a living proof of what I have said above.

For all those who are interested in how successful I've been, in terms of making money from my hypnosis practice, I have posted below my million-dollar chair.

Believe it or not, this worn-out Ikea chair has made million dollars, as it served me in my hypnosis practice.

Read on, and sooner or later, you may be able to brag about your own million-dollar chair too.

My million-dollar chair

It has been retired long time ago

This page is designed to help you learn hypnosis and establish a profitable hypnosis practice. Just keep on visiting this page and follow me-on-Twitter. I will be expanding this page gradually, and also tweeting about it, as I keep on writing. This page will most likely be very long, and I don't have time to write it all in one sitting - so please be patient and your patience will be greatly rewarded.

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Learn hypnosis and make a living from your hypnosis practice

I became greatly interested in becoming a hypnotist and making a living from my hypnosis practice more than three decades ago.

Today, I am interested in sharing what I've learned from my long and successful hypnosis career.

But before I tell you what I've learned along my long path of service, I have to list the qualities necessary for anyone who hopes to not only learn the art and science of hypnosis, but also build a successful and profitable hypnosis practice.

Learning the art and science of hypnosis is one thing, and building a successful hypnosis practice that would give you a fantastic lifestyle is another.

You must be able to attend to the business aspect of your practice

The sad financial-reality is that even if you have a great talent for hypnosis, unless you can market it and promote it, you will be just "sitting on it" and never make any significant money from it.

There are a lot of very talented people in this world who never make any money from their talents in their own business, because they are not good marketers and promoters, and don't have money to pay for the marketing and promotional services.

Sure, if you have a talent for hypnosis, you could learn hypnosis, and possibly get yourself employed by a hypnosis clinic, as one of their service providers, and make money for them but this is not what this page is about.

Working for someone else would place a lot of restraints on your practice.

You would have to follow the clinic's fee schedule, and their hours of operation.

You could not take a vacation whenever you want it and however long you want it to be.

You would face the typical work-place-related ugly stuff: back stabbing, envy, and all other undesirable side effects of human relations.

You would have to adhere to the clinic's rules and regulations and be subject to periodical performance appraisals.

And worse off all - they may not be OK with your particular style of working and impose on you their ideas about how the hypnotic work must be done.

I worked for someone else only for one year, right after I arrived into Canada as a fresh immigrant from Poland several decades ago.

This was the only time that I worked for a private business owner, and I hated it.

My work at a major Toronto hospital was working for the government (the health-care here is not-privatized), but even there, I had lasted only three years full time.

So, yes ... I could say that I "went for hypnosis" because of two things: My refusal to work for someone else, and my almost insane attraction to hypnosis.

Later, on this page, I will speak about how I've tackled the business aspect of my hypnosis practice.

And now, I am going to switch to the super-important subject for anyone who wants to learn hypnosis and make money from his hypnosis practice - namely: The subject of the necessity of being filled by a burning desire to accomplish whatever it is that you really want to accomplish. 

If you really want to learn hypnosis and make a living from your hypnosis practice you gotta be crazy about hypnosis 

In his book entitled The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump shares his observations of the super successful people.

As much as I don't agree with Trump on many things pertaining to his presidency, I totally agree with what he says about the most successful business people in The Art of the Deal.

Trump says that the most successful ones are almost pathologically focused on the object of their pursuit. He says that what he observed in them is a form of controlled neurosis.

That they appear to be possessed by the objects of their desires, and are maniacal in terms of how they behave along the path that leads them towards the attainment of their goals.

I agree with Trump, and relate to what he says because I used to exhibit similar qualities when I decided to learn hypnosis and make living from my hypnosis practice.

Similar list of the qualities necessary for the attainment of all kinds of human desires comes from Napoleon Hill. 

In his world-famous book entitled Think and Grow Rich, Hill says that the real success is possible only for those who are overtaken by the burning desire to succeed, and are willing to make huge sacrifices as they strive to attain their goals.

Not only the experts on what makes the successful ones successful speak about the necessity of being possessed by the white heat of desire.

The bible says it too. In it, God says: "because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth".

                                                  Revelation 3:16

How crazy, how passionate I've been about hypnosis and making a living from my hypnosis practice?

The following story will answer this question:

Will cont.

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