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In order to avoid a ridiculous language, whenever I use the pronoun "he", denoting YOUR best hypnotist in town - on this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website - I mean "he or she".

One of my recent clients have told me that, not too long ago, she went to see - supposedly - one of the best hypnotists in town.

He has his own practice, and also teaches hypnosis in affiliation with one of the Toronto schools of hypnosis.

After the session was over my client said to the hypnotist: “I didn’t understand anything your were telling me.”

One of the best hypnotists in town answered:

“That’s exactly how you are supposed to feel - I’ve been using on you a confusion technique of hypnosis.”

My client never went to see the "confusion technique" hypnotist again.

Her story inspired me to write this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website - a page, which I’ve always wanted to write, and somehow had never gotten to it.

I’ve always wanted to write a page entitled YOUR Best Hypnotist In Town because, there is so much confusion and lack of understanding out there, about what really makes up YOUR best hypnotist in town.

YOUR best hypnotist in town first learns who you really are

The hypnotist who had a session of hypnosis with my client, totally disregarded who she was, and what was the best way of communicating with her.

He dished out upon her his preferential technique of hypnosis - which happened to be a confusion technique - most likely because he really believes in its power, and the capacity to create positive changes in human lives.

There is nothing wrong with the confusion technique of hypnosis. What is wrong - is trying to push it on someone who cannot benefit from such frame of reference.

YOUR best hypnotist in town will never attempt to box you into his most favorable technique because he knows that, hypnosis is ultimately not about a technique, but about communicating with your subconscious mind.

Communication means COMMUNION.

It means that, you and the one who communicates with you are both connected.

YOUR best hypnotist in town is the hypnotist who can connect with you, before he even starts using various techniques of hypnosis.

There is no escape from technique in the "business" of hypnosis.

Even if YOUR best hypnotist in town will just sit quietly in front of you - as the famed Eckhart Tolle might do - and attempt to transfer upon you, in silence, his problem-dissolving vibe, he first must ascertain that this particular approach is suitable for you.

In short - he first learns who you are and depending on your own unique psychic make up, he connects with you in a way that makes you feel connected.

If at the end of your first session, you are leaving a hypnotist’s office, and do not feel that the two of you connected - regardless of how many PhDs that hypnotist has, he is NOT YOUR best hypnotist in town.

It is relatively easy to find out whether the hypnotist you are thinking of visiting is YOUR best hypnotist in town, even before your initial visit.

The simplest way would be to visit his website and read what he says.

The content of his website is important, but an infinitely more important thing is, whether or not, you resonate with his message.

Everybody’s writing conveys the truth about its author.

Tune into it, and the chances are, you will develop an inner feeling, which will tell you, whether or not, the hypnotist you are investigating is YOUR best hypnotist in town.

YOUR best hypnotist in town doesn’t “do” hypnosis - hypnosis happens spontaneously in his presence

When Bandler and Grinder - the inventors of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming - asked Milton H. Erickson, how he knew what to do in his sessions of hypnosis - one of the most famous hypnotists of all times answered: “I follow my intuition”.

What does it mean to follow intuition in the context of working with hypnosis?

It means that, as much as a hypnotist must be able to communicate with your subconscious mind, he must be also able to communicate with his own subconscious mind.

He must be able to communicate with his subconscious mind, in a way that allows him to derive from it all the necessary guidance.

YOUR best hypnotist in town is subconsciously guided in his work.

He doesn’t have to struggle consciously with writing his hypnosis scripts, which he then pushes on his unsuspecting clients.

He doesn’t have to write any scripts at all.

He enters his sessions in full trust in the power of his subconscious mind, to guide him in the most efficient fashion.

He surrenders to his IN-SPIRA-TION.

To work in the state of inspiration means to work IN-THE-SPIRIT, rather than, from your own limited - prone to erroneous assumptions - conscious mind.

YOUR best hypnotist in town knows that, he cannot really squeeze the necessary degree of creativity from the superficial, top layers, of his conscious mind.

He knows that his psyche - just as your psyche too - resembles an iceberg.

Only a little, tiny part of that iceberg - the human conscious mind - is above the level of the water symbolizing the threshold of conscious awareness, below which, the immense 95% - or more - of everybody’s psychic life takes place.

And this means that 95% of everybody's psychic life IS SUBCONSCIOUS.

Through his years of practice, YOUR best hypnotist in town, has learned to trust the SPIRIT of LIFE - who lives in the depths of human subconscious mind, and who from there guides all those who are ready and willing to listen.

The way in which YOUR best hypnotist in town works could be likened to the way in which people succeed in sports.

The most successful of the sports figures are known to say things like: “I didn’t play this game - the game played me”.

This phenomenon is known as being in the ZONE, and it's main characteristic is the total INNOCENCE of the player - meaning that, the player has not played by his own limited human power. He played by the POWER of the SPIRIT WITHIN.

YOUR best hypnotist in town "plays" his "game of hypnosis" in the ZONE.

In other words, he surrenders to The Spirit of Hypnosis.

In my usage, the phrase - Spirit of Hypnosis - has to be understood as a particular "department" of the Universal Spirit of Life.

YOUR best hypnotist in town doesn’t play the game of hypnosis by his own limited power.

When he plays, SOMETHING bigger takes over the game.

Hence, he not only achieves great results, he also doesn’t have to worry about his results - knowing, that his results are not really "his".

He knows whom to credit for the successes in his work and his life. He basically gives all the credit to God.

YOUR best hypnotist’s in town motivation is not commercially focused

If YOUR best hypnotist in town wins a 6/49 lottery jackpot, he is not going to stop his work with hypnosis.

He cannot stop his work simply because he never works.

What he does is neither his work nor his hobby - not even his interest, as it is commonly understood.

YOUR best hypnotist in town never chose to work with hypnosis.

It was the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT, who chose to express ITSELF, through him, via the medium of hypnosis.

He only followed the HIGHER WILL in his life.

He will never attempt to sell you a package made of some number of sessions.

He will not do this because he doesn’t know in how many sessions THE SPIRIT of LIFE wants to heal you via the medium of hypnosis.

He will also never attempt to seduce you into his office by giving you an offer to take a free ride.

He will never tell you - you will pay only when you are satisfied.

He knows that, any offer of guaranteed work in hypnosis, immediately HYPNOTIZES you into a "I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE - HENCE, NOTHING TO GAIN" mindset.

He knows that, when you come for hypnosis, your subconscious attitude is worth at least 50% of all the factors that contribute to your success.

And because he knows this, he will never do anything to lower the level of your subconscious motivation.

Any offer of a "free ride" - in the context of the hypnotic work - can be made only by a hypnotist who is either ignorant of what he does, or, who’s main aim is to seduce you into his office, rather than, ascertain that, you are going to enter your healing process at the peak level of your subconscious, motivational potential.

Another truth about YOUR best hypnotist in town is that, he is not commercially involved in either running, or supervising a clinic, in which he employs a bunch of other hypnotists to increase his profits.

YOUR best hypnotist in town has no time to be involved in running a business.

His mission and his calling, do not allow him to be distracted from what he does best.

He is an artist who works in the medium of human consciousness and not an employer of hypnotic workers.

YOUR best hypnotist in town will never make a joke of himself by telling you that he can make sense out of hypnosis

The subject of making sense out of hypnosis is vast, and warrants its own separate page.

What I am going to say here about making sense out of hypnosis is going to be limited to the fact that, so far, nobody has ever been able to do so.

A renowned mentalist Kreskin wrote a book entitled They Call it Hypnosis, in which he argues that there is no such thing as hypnosis.

He offered $100,000 to anyone who can prove to him that hypnosis really exists.

So far, nobody has won the prize!

Does that mean that there is no such thing as hypnosis?

I don’t think so...

It only proves that, nobody can define what hypnosis is - and this is synonymous with our inability to MAKE SENSE OUT of IT.

We can use the mental phenomenon, which we call hypnosis - but we can never tell what that phenomenon really is.

Whoever says - he can make sense out of hypnosis - makes a joke out of himself, and definitely is not YOUR best hypnotist in town.

YOUR best hypnotist in town does not misrepresent what happens in a successful hypnosis session

Some time ago, I’ve watched a video placed on one of the websites promoting a Toronto based hypnosis clinic.

The video, which I’ve watched could be named: A Ball Throwing Drama.

In it, a supposedly experienced hypnotist catches a ball, which someone from behind the camera throws at him, and says something like this:

“In a hypnosis session you have to do what I do with this ball. When you are offered a hypnotic suggestion, you have to catch it, or else, you are going to be disappointed.”

What he tells his potential clients - via his little video-drama - is basically that the results which they can potentially derive from their hypnosis sessions, depend on whether or not they accept his suggestions.

He puts the burden of failure on his clients.

In his view, his clients are responsible for the successes of their hypnotic sessions.

YOUR best hypnotist in town offers you suggestions, which he knows you ARE going to accept, because before he starts working with you, he takes time to learn who you really are.

He is never going to throw a "ball" of a hypnotic suggestion at you, and expect you to "catch" it regardless of what the suggestion is.

He doesn’t place the responsibility for the success of his sessions into your hands.

Yes, you have to accept his suggestions - if you are to succeed in the session - but it is YOUR best hypnotist’s in town responsibility to formulate the suggestions which he offers, in a way that you are most likely going to accept.

It is true that there are people out there, who’s only business in life is on one hand, to keep on seeking help, and on another, to reject it regardless in what form it is offered.

These people, however, represent only a tiny fraction of those who seek help via hypnosis, and there is no point to create for them a ball-throwing-drama-productions.

In closing of this section I want to add that, Milton H. Erickson - one of the greatest hypnotists of all times - used to say that, in a hypnosis session, a hypnotized person can experience the delight of learning passively, without exerting his personal effort.

Erickson never expected his clients to make and effort to "catch" the "balls" of his suggestions.

All that Erickson ever wanted from his clients was to remain totally passive throughout his sessions of hypnosis.

Whoever disagrees with Milton H. Erickson on the matter of the passivity versus activity of a client in a session of hypnosis, is not YOUR best hypnotist in town.

YOUR best hypnotist in town must have the necessary energy to perform his work in hypnosis

The above mentioned Milton H. Erickson used to experiment in various ways with hypnosis.

For example - He would read a hypnotic script to a hypnotized person, evoking particular hypnotic effects, and then he would ask somebody else to read the same script to the same person in a trance, just to check if his client would respond in the same way.

Invariably, Erickson's clients would respond to his reading of the hypnotic script, and fail to respond to the same script being read by another person.

This sort of experimentation confirms the truth that, for an effective hypnotist, it is not enough to say the right things to his clients.

He must be able to deliver the correct suggestions with the necessary energy, if they are to produce a desired effect.

YOUR best hypnotist in town must have the necessary energy to perform his work.

His energy can be felt throughout his sessions.

Unless you can feel this energy during your hypnosis sessions - the hypnotist who is working with you, is not YOUR best hypnotist in town.

True - sometimes, just because you are not sensitive enough, you may feel nothing.

But even if you felt nothing during your hypnosis sessions - if the sessions were properly energized - you would feel the effects of the sessions, after the sessions.

What I mean by having the necessary energy

A few more words about the necessity of rapport between you and YOUR best hypnotist in town

Many years ago, when I was still learning about hypnosis, I would visit various hypnotists in town, just to experience the quality of their work in hypnosis.

I remember one medical hypnotist of many years of experience, who’s office I visited shortly before he retired.

This supposedly greatly experienced professional, totally disregarded the reality, which I brought into his office.

During one of our hypnosis sessions, when I told him that I wanted to work with hypnosis, he gave me a lecture, telling me that my role in life was to bring home the buns - meaning, to feed my family.

To his pushing on me the priority of bringing the buns home, I responded by saying that: "Focusing on bringing the buns home, was totally meaningless to me."

After my confession of the meaninglessness of the buns - he started shouting at me - telling me that I was striving to be "arrogantly successful".

This old medical doctor - a supposed master of hypnosis - failed me totally and completely.

He failed to develop a rapport with me, and totally disregarded the kind of reality, which I brought into his office.

In spite of his failure, I kept on coming to his sessions just to study how NOT to do hypnosis.

I’ve learned a lot of what Not to do from him, even though, he was definitely NOT my best hypnotist in town.

YOUR best hypnotist in town has never taken any hypnosis courses. He is 100% natural, and his abilities are rooted in his in-born talent. He is self-taught, and even though he had never been to a school of hypnosis - he gets invited to teach hypnosis at the most reputable educational institutions

The fact is that, the best hypnotist, and teacher of hypnosis - Dr. Milton H. Erickson, had never taken any courses in hypnosis. He hadn't even used anybody's writings on hypnosis as a guide. The way Erickson learned how to do hypnosis was through extensive experimentation with his patients and his own life experience.


There are so many "certified" hypnotists around today. But most of their certifications are not worth the paper they are written on.

Most of them are given at the end of the few-weekend-long, "MONKEY-BUSINESS" hypnosis courses.

These courses are nothing but ingenious ways of parting the naive from their money.

The best hypnotists are the NATURAL ONES.

They don't display any diplomas, and yet, they get invited to teach at some of the most reputable educational institutions.

I had a great pleasure of lecturing on hypnosis to the post-graduate class of the Ph.D. candidates, at the University of Toronto in January 2014.

This very-high-level teaching engagement, granted without a trace of solicitation tells you something very important about your best hypnotist in town.

YOUR best hypnotist in town first discovered the power of hypnosis by applying it to himself by himself

Your best hypnotist in town first used the power of hypnosis by himself, ON himself, and only after he realized how life-changing this power could be, he started offering it to others.

He has not entered the field of hypnosis just because he had lost his job and was looking for something to do. He has entered it because he saw first-hand what hypnosis could accomplish, and having acquired that knowledge, he simply could not stop himself from promoting the power of hypnosis around the world.

Having experienced the power of hypnosis by himself, he knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt that just as the power of hypnosis helped him, it could also help countless others.

Just like Milton H. Erickson - the greatest hypnotist in the world - your greatest hypnotist in town liberated himself from disabling him condition through the power of self hypnosis.

Your greatest hypnotist in town follows the archetype of a wounded healer, and as such, he brings into your life the ultimate AUTHENTICITY of the healing power of hypnosis.

YOUR best hypnotist in town sees the world as a composite made-up of a great number of hypnotic realities

Because your greatest hypnotist in town sees clearly how the hypnotic principles operate in all areas of life, the contents of his website may seem to be overwhelming.

As he writes about the power of hypnosis, he ventures into many aspects of human existence, where this power shows itself with particularly great intensity.

Even though his writings on hypnosis are extensive and impossible to digest in one sitting, the sections which speak about the conditions with which he works are clearly marked on the menu.

Your greatest hypnotist's website offers you both: the clearly described areas of his expertise, his techniques and approaches to the art of hypnosis, and a large and ever-growing body of material pertaining to the workings of hypnosis in all areas of human existence.

As it turned out, I was Not her best hypnotist in town ...

Years ago, a woman came into my office and requested a very specific session.

She told me that, she came to see if I was her best hypnotist in town.

She basically wanted me to prove to her that I was the right hypnotist for her, and I spent the whole session trying to prove that I could actually help her through hypnosis.

After I spoke for an hour, about how I could possibly help her, she handed me her cheque and said that, she didn’t think I was the right hypnotist for her.

At that time, I was still relatively inexperienced, and could not comprehend what went wrong.

Today, I know that nothing went wrong!

Today, I know that I simply was not her best hypnotist in town.

Our energies were not able to connect.

There was no possibility of rapport between the two of us.

It was a great lesson for me.

And a rather humbling one.

Today, as the result of my many years of experience, I don’t expect to be everybody’s best hypnotist in town.

I know that I WILL BE the best, for some of my clients, and that I WILL NOT BE the best for others.

Fortunately for me, the people for whom I turned out to be their best hypnotist in town, represent an overwhelming majority of cases.

And that is more than good-enough for me.

I am totally O.K. with the fact that, I simply CAN’T BE everybody’s best hypnotist in town.

Neither can I, nor any other hypnotist can enter the state of the necessary rapport with every client.

Knowing that, even the great Milton H. Erickson couldn’t achieve the necessary rapport with each of his clients - I remain at peace, and worry-free, with respect to whatever arises in my hypnosis sessions.

Throughout this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website, the word "YOUR" has been emphasized because YOUR best hypnotist in town is only YOUR best hypnotist, and not necessarily your neighbor’s.

Again, the most important factor in hypnosis is RAPPORT.

Rapport means connection.

When rapport is present - in the session of hypnosis - the sky is the limit.

On the other hand, without rapport, nothing is really possible.

I’ve written this page of my Toronto Hypnosis Clinic website to make you aware of what you must look for, while contemplating your engagement with a hypnotist.

I’ve spoken from experience of many years of practice, and many engagements with various hypnotists in town.

It is easy to find out, whether or not, the hypnotist you are considering to see is your best hypnotist in town. Just ask him a few questions and observe your reaction to his answers. 

Ultimately, hypnosis is not possible without a strong rapport between you and your hypnotist.

Interviewing your prospective hypnotist - by asking him questions - is the simplest method of assessing the degree of rapport which exists between the two of you. 

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